Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Memory Lane

It's been about a year since my family moved in with Mom. I think we have all been thinking about her. Karis said something that was very Grandma. Nate said he was hungry for one of Grandma's hamburgers. (No one makes them like she did, but Karis comes closest.) Meg noticed Grandma's beautiful pink camelia blooming. Ev wore Grandma's shirt to class.

I went back in my blog last night to find the entry for the day we moved in. I found it, and then read through the rest of January. And February. And March, April, May, June. I think I gave it up somewhere in July.

Oh my. The sweetness and sorrow.
The regrets.
I wish I had been kinder and gentler.
I wish I had started slipping Mom medication sooner. She suffered so and was unable/unwilling to ask for help.
I wish I had gone for a walk every day.
But mostly, I wish my parents weren't gone.


  1. What???? deprive heaven of Ann & Bill????

    1. Oh, I know it is not doctrinally correct or right-minded or gracious or pretty. Just the honest, selfish truth.

  2. yes, I miss them too. it is very cool how God worked it out that we could care for them in the final years!! very special.

  3. You and your siblings ran this portion of your race well!! No regrets! I am sure there are days that you long to see them and talk to them again. That is so normal...but painful none-the-less! Love you and am praying for you!!